Find Duplicates page opens when clicking Enter in Case Search filter


Steps to reproduce issue:

1. Perform a search for Cases using the Global Search at the top of your Salesforce screen.
2. Select the Cases object under records on the left-hand side.
3. Type additional text into one of the field filters and click Enter.
4. You'll notice that the Case Merge Premium Find Duplicates page opens unexpectedly.

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Upon clicking Enter during a field filtered search, Salesforce will first attempt to execute any buttons which open a Visualforce page first. If one does not exist, clicking Enter will result in executing the "Apply Filters" button.

Starting in version 3.26, Internet Creations has updated the "Merge" list view button, removing the execution of JavaScript and instead opening Visualforce. This change was specifically made to allow for the Merge list view button to be used within the Lightning Experience, as the Lightning Experience does not support JavaScript buttons. Some additional information on this limitation can be found in the following Trailhead module.

If this behavior is causing any issues for your Organization, please review the steps below for recreating the original Merge button which executes Javascript.

1. Navigate to Setup | Build | Customize | Cases | Buttons, Links and Actions
2. Click the "New Button or Link" button.
3. Provide a Name / Label for your new button, such as Merge (Classic), and select List Button as the Display Type.
4. For Behavior, select Execute JavaScript, and select OnClick JavaScript for Content Source.
5. Lastly, copy and paste the following JavaScript syntax:

var records = {!GETRECORDIDS($ObjectType.Case)};
var url;

if (records.length < 2){
alert("You must select at least two cases to merge.");
} else if (records.length > 9){
alert("You have selected too many cases to merge.");
} else {
url = '/apex/csmrgp__csmrgselect?';

for (var i = 0; i < records.length; i++){ 
url = url + "cs" + (i+1) + "=" + records[i]+ "&";

if (typeof srcUp == 'function') { 
srcUp(url + 'isdtp=vw');
} else {

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