Former Positions Field Reference


This chart will help you understand the fields that come with the Former Positions application. This information will assist in including the appropriate fields in reports and page layouts, as well as give a broader understanding as to the purpose of each field.


Former Positions Object
Field LabelAPI NameField Description
AccountFormPos__Account__cLookup to the Account the Contact was previously associated with.
ContactFormPos__Contact__cMaster-Detail to the Contact record for which the Account/Title change took place.
Current AccountFormPos__Current_Account__cReference to the current Account the Contact is with.
Duration (Months)FormPos__Duration__cDisplays the amount of time (in Months) for which a Contact spent with a specific Title / Account.
End DateFormPos__End_Date__cDisplays the date which a Contact ended with a specific Title / Account.
Start DateFormPos__Start_Date__cDisplays the date which a Contact started with a specific Title / Account.
TitleFormPos__Title__cDisplays the Title provided to a Contact prior to going through a Title  / Account change.


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