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Granting Login Access for Internet Creations Support


In some cases, Internet Creations support will request login access to investigate an issue. Some organizations do not allow login access as a matter of policy or you may be using a Salesforce profile that does not allow you to grant login access.


To assist you, Internet Creations staff may need to log in to your organization for a first hand look at your environment. You can grant access to them for a specified duration. For security reasons, the maximum period for granting access to an AppExchange partner is limited to one month. During the time you have granted access, we can login as you and access your data to help you.
A variety of methods can be used to grant login access depending on your profile, and whether you're working in Lightning Experience or Salesforce Classic.

All Users (Lightning):
  1. Once logged into Salesforce, click your picture (or the default picture) on the top right of your screen and click "Settings".
  2. Expand the section titled "My Personal Information", and click "Grant Account Login Access".
  3. From there, locate the line item for "Internet Creations Support", select 1 week as the Access Duration and click Save.
System Administrator (Classic):
  1. Start by locating and clicking the "Setup" button found on the top right of your page. Depending on your organization, the Setup button will be beside your name or listed as a drop down option when you click on your name.
  2. Next, navigate to the Grant Login Access page based on your setup menu.
    • Non-Enhanced Setup Menu - Setup | My Personal Information | Grant Login Access.
    • Enhanced Setup Menu - Setup | My Settings | Personal | Grant Account Login Access.
  3. Set the access expiration date for Internet Creations Support to 1 Week.
  4. Click Save.
All Other Users:
  1. Navigate to the Grant Login Access page based on your setup menu.
    • Non-Enhanced Setup Menu - Setup | My Personal Information | Grant Login Access.
    • Enhanced Setup Menu - Setup | My Settings | Personal | Grant Account Login Access.
  2. Set the access expiration date for Internet Creations Support to 1 Week.
  3. Click Save.

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Please note the following conditions:
  • Users will require a license to at least one Internet Creations application in order for Internet Creations to appear in the Grant Account Login Access menu.
  • For Internet Creations applications licensed to your entire organization (such as free labs applications), only users with the “Manage Users” permission enabled on their profile can grant login access.
  • In the event Internet Creations is performing a Product Implementation Review for your organization, please set the access expiration date to 1 Month.
  • For more information on Product Implementation Reviews, please contact your Internet Creations Account Executive.
For more information on Granting Login Access, see the following article:

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Internet Creations makes every effort to ensure your data is not shared, distributed, or used in a manner that violates our Privacy Policy. If your organization requires a signature on a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to granting login access, please reach out to your Internet Creations Account Executive.
If an NDA is not an option, and you are still unable to grant login access to your Production organization:
  • You might consider duplicating the issue in a Sandbox or Development org that contains a limited dataset or no data and granting login access to that Sandbox or Developer org. 
  • If reproducing the issue in an environment you can grant login access to is impractical, customers with a Premium Support agreement are entitled to phone support with a remote screen sharing session.

Government Cloud Users

Due to restrictions, Internet Creations will not be able to login to Orgs which are running on Government Cloud.

If gathering debug logs (see below) are required, Salesforce Support may be able to enable debugging for Internet Creations' managed packages directly in your Org. For more information, please see the following knowledge article and contact Internet Creations support for additional guidance.

Debug Logs
In certain instances, Internet Creations may need collect a debug log to help identify the root cause of an issue. In order to capture specific information regarding our managed package(s), this debug log must be collected via login access from our side, as debug logs captured locally will automatically hide any specific operations / processes that occur when accessing a packaged component.

For example, below are comparison screenshots displaying information captured in a debug log by an end user vs. a debug log captured by Internet Creation via login access. You will notice that the first debug log contains no errors and hides all managed code from Email to Case Premium with the line "ENTERING_MANAGED_PKG | E2CP". The second debug log clearly displays an error (Non-selective query against large object type).

End User Debug Log:

User-added image

Internet Creations Debug Log:

User-added image

For more information on the non-selective query error displayed in the second debug log, please review the following knowledge article.

In the event your organization is unable to grant login access and gathering a debug log is deemed as the next step forward in troubleshooting the issue reported, Internet Creations support may not be able to provide further troubleshooting assistance.


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