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Handling Fax with Email to Case Premium


You are using Email to Case Premium and are curious as to if/how the application handles fax.


By its very nature, Email to Case Premium is specifically designed to handle inbound emails and process them into either new cases to update existing cases.

While Email to Case Premium can not directly process faxes into cases, you may be able to configure your fax machine to send an email as a result of receiving a new fax. For further instruction, please review the manual / online documentation for your specific fax machine on how to do so, and consult with the folks in charge of your fax machine administration.

Aside from our Salesforce AppExchange Apps and Salesforce Consulting services, Internet Creations also offers IT Services who can assist with configuring fax-to-email for your organization. For additional information, please contact your Internet Creations Account Executive.


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