Handling Surveys with Low Human Confidence Scores


You've enabled reCAPTCHA v3 for Simple Survey, and would like to prevent surveys with a low Human Confidence Score from being included inside your reports / dashboards.


Starting in version 3.24, Simple Survey now offers support for reCAPTCHA v3 to help indicate whether a human or bot/script/scanner created the survey response.

Upon enabling this setting, new survey record submissions will include a value in the new Human Confidence Score field. Values closer to 0 indicate low confidence of human activity, while values closer to 1 indicate high confidence of human activity.

While there are multiple approaches you can take for handling low confidence survey data, below are two examples for reference.

Option 1. Update your existing survey reports to exclude surveys where the Human Confidence Score is less than or equal to a specific value (Recommended)

You'll want to ensure that your report is NOT filtering out surveys where the Human Confidence Score field is blank, as these could have been submissions made prior to enabling the reCAPTCHA v3 service.

Creating a Report Filter 
1. Navigate to an existing survey report in your Org, such as the "Customer Satisfaction Last 7 Days" report.
2. Click Edit on the top-right of the report, and then select the Filters option on the edit page.
3. Click into Add Filter, and select the Human Confidence Score field.
4. Select greater or equal as the operator, and specify a threshold (such as 0.4) as the value.

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5. Click into Add Filter, and select the Human Confidence Score field again.
6. Select not equal to as the operator, and leave the value blank. (This will help ensure surveys created prior to reCAPTCHA aren't filtered out of your results.

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Note: For good measure, consider also adding the Human Confidence Score field as a column in your report.


Option 2. Create a Flow & Process Builder combination to automatically delete new survey submissions when the Human Confidence Score is less than or equal to a specific value.

Creating the Flow

1. Navigate to Setup | Process Automation | Flow.
2. Click New Flow, select Autolaunched Flow, and click Create
3. From the Toolbox, select Manager, and click New Resource button
4. Select Variable as the Resource Type, and enter an API Name (such as LowHumanConfidence). Optionally, specify a description.
5. Select Text as the Data Type, and select Available to Input.

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6. Add a Delete Records element to your Flow, and provide a label such as Delete Low Confidence Surveys.
7. Select the bubble for Specify Conditions, and select the Survey object.
8. For Condition Requirements, select Conditions are Met.
9. Specify Id for the Field, Equals as the Operator, and LowHumanConfidence (the resource you created earlier) as the Value.

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10. Click Done, connect your Delete Records action to Start, and click Save.
11. Provide your flow with a name such as Auto Delete Unwanted Surveys, and click Save.

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12. Click Activate to activate your new flow.

Creating the Process Builder

1. Navigate to Setup | Process Automation | Process Builder.
2. Click New, provide your new process with a name (e.g. Delete Low Confidence Surveys) and click Save. Optionally, specify a description.
3. For "This process starts when", select the "A record changes" option and click Save.

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4. Click the Add Object rectangle, and select Survey as the object the process with start from.
5. For Start the process, select "when a record is created or edited" and click Save.

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6. Proceed to the next step to Add Criteria and provide a name for your criteria (e.g. Check if Human Confidence is Low).
7. For Criteria for Executing Actions, select the "Conditions are met" bubble, and set the following conditions:
  • Field: Human Confidence Score
  • Operator: Is Null
  • Type: Boolean
  • Value: False
  • Field: Human Confidence Score
  • Operator: Less than or Equal to
  • Type: Number
  • Value: 0.3 (or a value of your choosing)
8. For Conditions, select the "All of the conditions are met (AND)" and click Save.

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9. Under Immediate Actions, click the Add Action option.
10. Select "Launch a Flow" as the Action Type and provide a name for your action (e.g. Delete Low Confidence Surveys).
11. For the Flow Variable, define the following:

Flow Variable: SurveyRecordId (created in the Flow)
Type: Field Reference
Value: [simplesurvey__Survey__c].Id

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12. Click Save and Activate your Process Builder.

Please note: This knowledge article is provided as-is and customization to Reports, Process Builder and Flow are not supported. For further assistance, please contact your Salesforce administrator, Salesforce implementation partner, or your Vicasso Account Executive to inquire about professional services.


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