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How Do I Submit Product Ideas?


Customer ideas and feedback are critically important and help us to drive the development of our products. To learn more about how to add an idea for a product, please review the details section below.


Our product team at Internet Creations uses the ideas from our customers to drive the development of our products. Also, the number of votes and active feedback from the community helps us choose which ideas to implement, along with technical feasibility and long-term product vision.

To view existing product ideas and add new ideas, you will need to be logged in to our customer community. Customers can access our community by visiting In general, Internet Creations will enable customers for our community as part of the purchasing process and you they will be able to login to the community using their Salesforce credentials. If you're having any issues with logging in, please reach out to your Account Executive or open a case by sending an email to

Search and Browse for Ideas

Start by browsing and searching the existing collection of ideas to see if the idea or something similar has already been created. To search, enter a few keywords about the idea in the search bar in the top right.

Ideas Section in the Internet Creations Customer Community

To browse the existing ideas from the community, click on Ideas in the navigation bar. You can filter the ideas by AppExchange product using the Category drop-down menu. To view the complete details of the idea and any related discussion, click the title of the idea to go to that page. When you find ideas that you like, click the Good Idea button to up-vote the idea.

You can add comments when viewing the idea by clicking the Add New Comment link. Type in your comments, add links and insert images as appropriate. Once you are done, click the Post Comment button.

Add Comments to Ideas for AppExchange Products by Internet Creations

Add a New Idea

  1. Click on Ideas in the navigation bar, and then click the Add New Idea button.
  2. Type in a title for the idea, then add a description for the idea.
  3. Include any specific details about your intended use. We encourage you to add links and insert images to help describe your idea as fully as possible.
  4. Select the appropriate categories for the idea using the right arrow button to add to the Chosen list. If you have an idea for a new product or aren't sure where to put this idea, select the Salesforce Apps option.
  5. Once you are done, click the Submit Idea button.
Add New Idea for AppExchange Products

Important Note: If you need support for our AppExchange products, please send an email to or open a case through the customer community.


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