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How Do I Upgrade an AppExchange App?


You can update an AppExchange app by visiting the AppExchange listing, clicking the "Get It Now" button, and following the prompts—just like a fresh installation. The AppExchange will detect a currently installed version and will add or update only the new components.


While we go to great lengths to ensure that the upgrade process will be seamless and automatic, every organization's environment is different, and there is always a chance of regression after an upgrade. To ensure a smooth upgrade, we recommend:
  • Carefully reviewing the app's release notes.
  • Testing in a sandbox prior to upgrading your production environment.
  • Documenting your configuration. (Screenshots should suffice.)
  • Noting any field set inclusions prior to upgrading, as changes may need to be re-applied.

Performing an Upgrade

  1. Review our quick install document. The instructions are applicable to both fresh installs and upgrades.
  2. Visit and select the app that you would like to upgrade.
  3. Click the "Get It Now" button.
  4. Follow the prompts.
  5. Test the upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the beginning of the install/upgrade, the AppExchange suggests that I am getting a free trial, but I am already a paying customer. Will it recognize my paid license automatically?
Yes, your existing license will be recognized and applied automatically upon completion of the upgrade.

Will I have to re-configure the app, or will my settings be retained?
The upgrade process is designed to retain your settings, and it is extremely unusual for settings to be lost or reset. However, because every organization is different, we recommend testing the upgrade in a sandbox before upgrading your production environment.

What are the main differences between installing for Admins Only vs. All Users?
Choosing Admins Only will allow only users with the System Administrator profile to access the application's Objects, Fields, Tabs, Apex Classes, Visualforce pages and so forth. For a full description of the differences, please review the Salesforce Trailblazer community article linked here:

How long does it take to perform an upgrade?
Most upgrades take less than five minutes to complete, but they can take longer depending on the current demand in your organization's Salesforce instance.

Do I need to stop using the application during an upgrade?
We recommend that internal users temporarily stop interacting with the application during the short upgrade window.

Can I roll back to a prior version after upgrading?
No, if you need to downgrade, you would have to uninstall the app and re-install an earlier version. You would then need to re-configure the app from scratch or import the configuration data that is backed up when uninstalling. This is applicable to most AppExchange apps. For details on importing configuration data, see


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