How Does Case Flags Compare to Entitlements, Milestones and Escalation Rules?


Case Flags is a turnkey solution to monitor and improve response times when “the ball is in your court” throughout a case. In general, customers expect a timely response each time they contact you and the ball is in your court, whether it be via email, a web portal or phone. In most instances there is a “volley” of back and forth communication during the lifecycle of a case. Case Flags helps you know when the ball is in your court so you can take action and provide the service your customers and end users demand.


Case Flags and Entitlements, Milestones and Escalation rules are all very different features with very different purposes.

Case Flags helps you provide better service within each volley of communication. Companies define thresholds for ideal response time and not to exceed response time and simple icons show you where each case stands: ball in customer’s court, ball in your court, warning, ball still in your court, and fail, you’ve taken too long with the ball.

Milestones are predefined checkpoints that need to be met laterally, whereas Case Flags are circular.

Entitlements simply determine what type of service a customer is supposed receive. Entitlements can be used to track who is entitled to expedited service based on an SLA, or whether someone is even to be provided any service at all.

Escalation Rules allow you to send emails or change case ownership based on criteria and time. Escalation Rules work very nicely together with Case Flags and some additional information on this can be found by searching "escalation rules".


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