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How Email Distribution Compares to Workflow Rules and Email Alerts


The Email Distribution feature enables support reps and other users and contacts associated with a case to "close the loop" via email without having to log into Salesforce. The feature acts like a mailing list for each of your cases. A classic use case is to enable Case Owners or Case Team Members to respond to customers from a mobile device, while capturing the response in Salesforce and not exposing the user's personal email address. This article compares Email Distribution to Workflow Rules and Email Alerts.


  • Email Distribution is able to send out attachments that are received on inbound emails, and that is impossible with Workflow - even with a Visualforce email template.
  • Workflow cannot dynamically select the recipients it emails based on the recipients included in an inbound email. Workflow will "scatter shoot" all recipients.
Example: if your Workflow Rule/Email Alert is configured to email the Case Owner, Case Contact, and Case Team Members, and the Case Contact sends in an email, they will receive a copy of the Workflow email even though they were the initial sender.
  • [For non-Case Feed users only] Email Distribution can safely facilitate private internal conversations via email by ensuring that private correspondence is sent only to authorized domain names.
  • Organization-wide addresses and email templates are selected automatically with Email Distribution. Numerous Workflow Rules and Email Alerts could be needed to set up all of an organization's combinations.
  • Email Distribution has email loop protection built-in.
For more information on the features, limitations and best practices for Email Distribution, refer to the official E2CP Documentation.

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