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How To Use a Global Picklist Value Set in Simple Survey


Simple Survey can use predefined Global Picklist Value Sets for answer choices to custom survey questions. These value sets save time in building surveys and help maintain data integrity in survey responses.


When creating new surveys, administrators can utilize Global Picklist Value Set when defining answer choices for NEW custom questions. For example, a Global Picklist Value Set can be created for product names, sizing tables, sales channels, industry verticals, or other collection of values that would be useful across multiple surveys.

Creating a Global Picklist Value Set
  1. Navigate to SetupBuild | Create | Picklist Value Sets and select New.
  2. Enter a Value Set label and enter values according to the instructions and click Save.
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Creating a NEW Simple Survey custom question
  1. Navigate to the Survey Builder either through the Simple Survey Setup Wizard or though the Survey Builder Tab
  2. Select a new or existing survey, proceed to the Add Questions section. Click the Add Question button.
  3. Fill in the fields to name and label your question, then under 'Answer Format' choose 'Picklist'.
  4. Under 'How would you like to define the values?' choose 'Global Value Set'.
  5. Under 'Global Value Set' choose you new Global Picklist Value Set.
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Note: The 'Answer Format' selection for questions in the Survey Builder cannot be modified so Global Picklist Value Sets can only be used when creating NEW questions.


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