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How does Email to Case Premium support Leads on Cases?


Email to Case Premiums enables organizations to provide support to Leads. When a (custom) Lead lookup on the Case object is present, Email to Case Premium automatically detects it and enables several features that help organizations communicate with Leads through Cases.


If you don’t already have one, add a custom lookup field on the Case object that looks up Leads. The selections you make while adding the field have no impact on E2CP.

With this field present, you’ll notice that Lead is listed on the New Comment page as an email recipient and when a Lead is associated with a case it becomes an available selection.

When a Lead sends an email in to create a case, Email to Case Premium will select the Lead based on the Email address matching in the standard Email field if a Contact is not found.

Taking the Lead functionality a step further, when you convert a lead, Email to Case Premium updates all of the cases associated with that Lead so the resulting Account and Contact is set on the Case.


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