How is the comment text from inbound emails selected in Email to Case Premium?


Email to Case Premium creates clean case comments by either using text between two markers or inserting text above a delimiter. When neither markers nor a delimiter are present, the entire email body up to 4000 bytes is inserted.


When an email is received inbound for an existing case, E2CP attempts to insert a clean case comment as follows: 
1. If top and bottom markers are configured in E2CP, and the inbound email contains them, and there is text between the markers, only that text is inserted into the comment. By default, the top and bottom markers are configured to be:

[===> Please enter your reply below this line <===]

[===> Please enter your reply above this line <===] 
2. If a delimiter configured in E2CP is encountered, all text above, but not including the line with the delimiter, is inserted into a comment. E2CP searches for delimiters starting with the first delimiter in the configuration field and stops when a match is found. 
3. If no comment is inserted in #1 or #2 above, the entire body of the email is inserted, up to 4000 bytes. 

Tip: If you are having difficulty with extra text being added to inbound emails, you can put at the top of your outbound template  something to the effect of: 
### Do Not Place Your Reply Below This Line ### 
And then add the same string as the last delimiter in E2CP on the Inbound Configuration.


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