How many licenses do I need for Case Merge Premium?


You do not need to allocate a Case Merge Premium license to every user in your Org; however, each user that interacts with the Case Merge Premium application requires a license.


  • Each user that needs to view the Case Merge Duplicate Alert, Merge Cases, or view Duplicate Case and Duplicate Group analytics requires a license.
    • You can purchase 11 licenses, for example, and identify 11 specific Salesforce users that get them.
    • Sales & Marketing Users, for example, do not generally need licenses.
  • A single license is required for whichever user Email to Case runs under.
    • If you are using (standard) Email to Case, this is the user specified as the Automated Case User under Setup > Customize > Cases > Support Settings.
    • If you are using Email to Case Premium, it is the user that is specified as the Context User within the Apex Email Service. A license is required for any system administrators that will configure Case Flags.
  • Community, Portal, and Self-Service Portal users do not ordinarily need to be licensed.
  • A license is required for each users that configures Case Merge Premium.


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