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How to Access the Internet Creations Customer Community


Internet Creations utilizes a Salesforce community allowing our customers to facilitate the process of managing cases, projects, ideas, knowledge and much more. For more information on accessing our customer community, please review the details section below.


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Steps for accessing the Internet Creations Customer Community:
  1. Open your web browser and login to your Salesforce Production Org.
  2. In a separate browser tab, navigate to where you will be prompted to login.
  3. Click the blue link titled "Log in using Salesforce now". If you're logged into your Production Org and have been enabled for our community, you will be automatically logged in and redirected to the Dashboard page of our community. Alternatively, we provide the option to login using your Email Address or with Facebook.

Note: If you're experiencing any issues with logging in, please reach out to your Account Executive or open a case with us by sending an email to


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