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How to create the Case Owner formula field to be used with Change Case Ownership Plus?


In newer versions of Change Case Ownership Plus, we've replaced the Case Owner formula field with a Visualforce Page, so it's no longer packaged with new installations of the App.

If you need to manually create the Change Owner formula field and use it in your Org, this article will provide you with guidance on how to accomplish that.


In Salesforce, go to Setup - Object Manager - Cases

Select Field & Relationships and click on the New button. Then select Formula as the field type. Click Next.

Give the field a name and a label. We suggest something along the lines of 'Case Owner'. Then select the formula return type of 'Text'. Click Next.

Copy the formula below and paste it in the formula field:

IF(BEGINS(OwnerId, '00G'),
IF(BEGINS(OwnerId, '00G'),
Owner:User.FirstName & ' ' & Owner:User.LastName
) & ' ' & HYPERLINK(

Click Next.

Select the appropriate field-level security options for your Org. Click Next.

Select the page layouts the field should be added to. Click Save.

You should now be able to add the field to Case Page Layouts and Compact Layouts.


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