How to mass clear flagged cases


As a Case Flags user, you notice a large number of cases where the flag needs to be cleared, specifically Closed cases or ones that haven't been actioned for some time.


Cases that are Closed should typically not be flagged. Ensure you've enabled the Automatically Clear Flags on Closed Cases  setting under the Flag Event Rules section in the Case Flags Setup. However, if you need to perform a mass clearing of flags, review the following options.

Method 1 (Recommended) – Use Data Loader / ETL Tool:

1. Run a report on Cases with the following criteria:
Case Flag Date/Time not equal " " (blank)
Closed = True
Note: You can also select the Status field and choose specific Closed Statuses.
clear flag on closed cases.jpg

2. Export the report results to a CSV file.

3. In the CSV file, update the Case Flag Date/Time value of all cases to NULL(), then use Data Loader (or an equivalent ETL tool) to update the records back in Salesforce.

If you need help with the use of Data Loader, please refer to this Salesforce knowledge article

Method 2 – Manually clear the flags from a List View:

1. Create a List View which contains the Flag/Flag (BH) fields and the Clear Flag button. See our documentation here for further instructions.

2. Ensure your List View contains the necessary filters for flagged cases you're looking to clear, such as Case Flag Date/Time not equal " "  AND Closed = True.

3. Manually select all of the flagged Cases that you'd like to clear the flag on and click the Clear Flag button.


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