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Images are not showing up in the Hit List Manager



The Signature Slayer Hit List Manager can be accessed three different ways:
1. The Signature Slayer Lightning Component
2. The Manage Attached Images button
3. Directly, through the main Hit List Manager tab

When accessing the Hit List Manager from the Manage Attached Images button or Lightning Component, Signature Slayer's search for images will return files linked to email messages.

When accessing the main Hit List Manager tab, Signature Slayer searches for file records directly. Direct access to Files in Salesforce requires the running user to either have explicit access to the files or have the Query All Files permission (usually reserved for System Administrators). 

Additional Considerations

In the Signature Slayer Setup Wizard, you can define the date range and file size for images to be displayed. The default values are as follows:

Signature Slayer has a maximum file search size of 100 KB. Ensure that the image you're searching for is within a 100 KB, and more specifically, within the size limit defined in the Signature Slayer setup.

If your files often come through email messages, you need to make sure that the Email Message Object is selected under the Object Settings in Setup. The same applies to other objects you're using that have files attached.



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