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Inbound emails are not added to Salesforce - Additional Information


If you perform the steps outlined in the article and the following are still happening:
  • You are experiencing an issue with inbound messages not being added to cases or comments,
  • You are not receiving any error messages at the Email Service error routing address, or
  • You are not able to reproduce the issue by directly emailing the email service address.
If the above are still happening, then the problem exists with your mail server delivering the email messages to Salesforce and Email to Case Premium is not the cause of your delivery issue.


If you feel that your forwarding mail server is working properly and messages are being passed to Salesforce, create an On-Demand Email-to-Case address and add a forwarding rule using that address. If you do not know how to set up On-Demand Email-to-Case, please refer to Salesforce Help & Training as this is a standard Salesforce feature.

If you're able to reproduce this behavior with the standard Email-to-Case routing address, please open a case with Salesforce support to troubleshoot the mail infrastructure issue. Unfortunately, Internet Creations cannot troubleshoot Salesforce mail infrastructure issues because no logs are available to us and we do not control this infrastructure. 

If you do observe any inconsistencies in delivery behavior between Email to Case Premium and On-Demand Email to Case, please open a case with us by sending an email message to


We have never observed an instance where a message made it to our email service, was not processed, and did not produce an error that was sent to the Email Service error routing address or as an NDR to the sender if error routing was not configured.

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