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Including Knowledge Article Links to your Public Knowledge Base (PKB) in Emails


If your organization uses Salesforce Knowledge, this article will help you provide links to your public knowledge base (PKB) for articles related to a case. This approach is often preferred over email attachments because it may teach your customers to fish for their own knowledge article and deflect cases in the future.


       1.  In the Email to Case Premium Setup Wizard, navigate to the Outbound Configuration page by selecting it in the Jump to: picklist on the upper right of the page:
User-added image

       2.   On the Outbound Configuration page, check Enable Canned Comments and set your PKB base URL:
User-added image

       3.  To insert this special merge field into a Canned Comment, click on Click here to create and edit Canned Comments.  
            Edit or Create New a Canned Comment that you wish to add the Related Knowledge Article Links field to:
User-added image

When you insert that Canned Comment, all related Knowledge Articles marked as available in your PKB will be inserted.




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