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Issues/Errors occurring with Internet Creations' applications following the Winter '21 Salesforce release


Email to Case Premium
New Comment page doesn't finish loading and/or comments do not appear in Timeline.

Case Merge Premium
The Lightning Component(s) load with the following error: You do not have access to the Apex class named 'CaseToolsCtrl'

Case Flags
The Lightning Component, previously displayed, no longer displays on the case page layout.

Simple Survey
The Insights page loads with the following error: An error occurred when retrieving surveys from Salesforce: Undefined


This error is related to the Restrict Access to @AuraEnabled Apex Methods for Authenticated Users Based on User Profile critical update, which was enforced during the Winter '21 Salesforce release. 

Essentially, this update prevents users from accessing Lightning Components unless they have explicit access to the Apex Classes that control the components.

Resolving this issue involves two steps:

Step 1: Upgrading to the latest AppExchange version

Upgrades can be performed by visiting the respective AppExchange listing, clicking Get It Now and following the prompts just like a fresh installation. The AppExchange will detect a currently installed version and associate it with your existing license.

For more information and FAQ, visit

If your Salesforce Org is already running the latest version, the upgrading instructions can be safely ignored.

Step 2: Assigning packaged Permission Sets to affected users.

Each of our applications come packaged with various permission sets, depending on the user who will be accessing them.

For Email to Case Premium, Case Merge Premium and Case Flags, both the "End User" and "Administrator" permission sets include access to the necessary Apex Classes.

For Simple Survey, the "Simple Survey Administrator" permission set (which includes access to the Insights component)  includes access to the necessary Apex Classes.


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