New Comment Actions


New Comment Actions are very similar to the standard Custom Button and Links (Content Source = URL) that you can already implement in Salesforce. Many custom buttons can be replicated as new comment actions. You might think of a New Comment Action as a Custom button on the New Comment page.


Because of the complexities of supporting this advanced feature, Vicasso product support can only assist with New Comment Actions that you have first implemented successfully outside of Email to Case Premium as a Custom Button/Link on the Case object. If you are have difficulty configuring a New Comment Action, implement the action using the standard Custom Button/Link functionality and then open a case. When opening a case, please grant us login access and provide a link to the working Custom Button/Link.

If you are unable to implement the desired functionality in a Custom Button/Link, contact your Salesforce administrator for assistance or inquire with your Vicasso Account Executive about professional services.

The following syntax differences with relation to merge fields.   A merge field builder the creates fields in the proper format is included on the New Comment Action edit page.  You can access the New Comment Actions from the Outbound Configuration page of the Email to Case Premium setup wizard.  The merge field format is the same as in Canned Comments.

1.)  The ! is not used before the the object name.  For example, you would use {Account.Name}, not {!Account.Name}
2.)  Merge fields related to the case object are not prefixed with the object name.  For example, instead of {!Case.CaseNumber} you would simply use {CaseNumber}

For example, this link passes a cases case number, the case's related account ID and account name to a custom object's edit page:


In the standard custom link builder it would look like:


Note: Custom New Comment Actions are not supported within the Service Cloud Console.


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