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Email to Case Premium utilizes a Case Field Set to display a group of fields on the New Comment page. A Field Set is included in the package and is used by default, but you may create your own by following the instructions in this article. This will allow for a larger selection of fields to choose from, as well as enable the use of different field sets for users and/or record types.


  1. You will need to create a new custom Field Set to be used with the custom New Comment Button. 
    • ​​​​Navigate to Setup | Customize | Cases | Field Sets, and click New.
    • Give the new Field Set a Label, Name, and "Where is this used?" to help distinguish it from existing Field Sets. Once entered, click Save to continue.
    • Find the fields you would like to include in the Field Set and drag them into the "In the Field Set" section. You can select fields from the Case object and fields from any object that is linked via a lookup or master detail relationship.
    • Once a field is added you can make it required by hovering over it and clicking the wrench icon. Then, check the box under Required and click OK to continue. You can also remove a field from the set by hovering over it and clicking the minus icon.
    • Once you have selected all the necessary fields and set the appropriate requirements, click Save to finish the Field Set creation.
  2. Open the Setup page and navigate to Setup | Customize | Cases | Buttons, Links, and Actions. Open the button named New_Comment and copy the text found in the OnClick Javascript section.
  3. Return to the list of buttons and click the New Button or Link button and give the new custom button a name and label. Select Detail Page Button for Display Type, Execute JavaScript for the Behavior, and OnClick JavaScript for the Content Source. Paste the text copied in the previous step into the body of the button.
  4. At the end of the first line, inside the single quote add "&fieldset=" followed by the Name of the custom Field Set you created in step 1.
The code within your new custom button should look something like this:

var myURL='/apex/E2CP__New_Comment?id={!Case.Id}&fieldset=Custom_FieldSet';

if(typeof srcUp == 'function') {
myURL+= '&isdtp=vw&showheader=false';
} else {
      4. Save the button and add it to the necessary page layouts.

     Note: This functionality is not applicable to Case Presentation Layer.


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