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Non-English language and other email delimiters to improve clean case comments


Email to Case Premium creates clean case comments by only using inserting text above configured delimiters. A delimiter is a string of text that separates one block of text from another. By default, Email to Case Premium is configured with English language delimiters for common email clients (Outlook, iPhone, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). It may be necessary to customize your delimiters from time to time to accommodate new email clients, changes to existing email clients, non-English languages, or to optimize for your organization-wide address(es). If you are getting some or all of a prior email in the comment inserted, you can probably tweak your delimiters to improve this.


When E2CP processes an inbound email, it scans the body of the email for the first delimiter it encounters from your configured list of delimiters and takes all text above (not including) that line. 

Adding email delimiters is easy, but you need to be careful to choose a string of text that is both common as an email delimiter, yet unlikely to be used in conversation. Including characters like the colon in "Wrote:" pictured below will help E2CP properly distinguish between an intended delimiter and text that happens to be used in conversation. 

Step 1 - Identify the delimiter you to need add. Determine the date/time of the comment with the additional text you want to prevent and then find the corresponding inbound email by clicking the email subject in the Emails related list. If you do not see the Emails related list, add it to the Page Layout.

Step 2 - Navigate to the Inbound tab of Email to Case Premium. Enter your additional delimiter(s) by adding new rows. E2CP looks for delimiters in the order in which they are specified in the Email Delimiters field, so it might be helpful to alter the order in order to achieve the cleanest case comments.



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