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Notify Owner of Parent Case when Child is merged in


You are using Case Merge Premium and would like to have the Parent Case owner notified when a Child Case is merged in.


Out of the box, Case Merge Premium does not update any specific field on the Parent Case to indicate that a merge has occurred.

That said, with the help of a custom field and Process Builder, you can ensure that a field update occurs on the Parent Case. This will allow you to easily see which cases have been the Parent Case as part of a merge operation, and trigger email notifications from the update made to the Parent Case.

The necessary steps to create the custom field, Process Builder process and Workflow email alert can be found below.
Note: Navigation instructions have been provided with the assumption you are working within the Lightning Experience. Navigation for Classic may slightly differ.

1. Create a custom checkbox field on Case
  • Navigate to Setup | Object Manager | Case | Fields & Relationships.
  • Click the "New" button, and select Checkbox as the field type.
  • Provide a Label for your field such as "Parent of a Merged Case?".
  • Leave the Default Value as Unchecked, populate the Name and click Next.
  • Complete the remaining steps regarding Field Level Security & Page Layouts.
2. Create a Process Builder process to populate the checkbox when merging
  • Navigate to Setup | Process Automation | Process Builder.
  • Click the "New" button, and provide a Name for the Process such as "Update Parent of Merge field".
  • For "The process starts when", select the value of "a record changes" and click Save.
  • Under "Add Object", select "Case" as the object. Start the process "when a record is created or edited", and click Save.
User-added image
  • Under "Add Criteria", provide a name for your criteria such as "Check for Child Case.
  • Within the "Set Conditions" section, you'll want to look for cases which have been updated with a Closed as Duplicate status, and have been parent. Once defined, click Save.
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  • Under "Immediate Actions", click the Add Action option and select "Update Records" as the Action Type.
  • Provide a name for your action such as "Update Checkbox on Parent".
  • Within "Record Type", choose the option for "select a record related to the Case". From there, locate the Parent Case Id record and click Choose.
  • Under the "Set new field values" section, select the field created earlier (Parent of a Merged Case?) and set the value to True.
User-added image
  • After all the above-mentioned steps are completed, activate your process.

3. Create an Email Template to be used in your Workflow Rule
  • Navigate to Setup | Email | Classic Templates.
  • Click the "New Template" button, and select a template type. Text will be sufficient.
  • Create your template that will be used to notify the owner of the Parent Case that a Child Case has been merged in.
4. Create a workflow rule to send an email notification to the Parent Case Owner
  • Navigate to Setup | Process Automation | Workflow Rules.
  • Click the "New Rule" button, and select the Case object.
  • Provide a name for your Rule such as "Notify Owner of Parent Case", and set the Evaluation Criteria to "create, and any time it's edited to subsequently meet criteria".
  • For the Rule Criteria, select "Parent of a Merged Case?" as the field, Equals as the operator and True as the value. Click Save & Next.
  • Under Immediate Workflow Actions, click the "Add Workflow Action" button and select "New Email Alert".
  • Provide a Description & Unique Name for your Email Alert, and select the template you created in Step 3.
  • For Recipient Type, select Owner in the drop down and place the "Case Owner" in the Selected Recipients Column.
  • Select the From Email Address, click Save, click Done, and Activate your Workflow Rule.

Please note, this KB article is provided as-is and customization using Process Builder / Workflow Rules is not supported under the scope of support provided with the Case Merge Premium application. For further assistance, please contact your Salesforce administrator, Salesforce implementation partner, or your Internet Creations Account Executive to inquire about professional services.


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