Notify Survey Owner when a Survey Response is Received


You are using Simple Survey and would like the Survey Owner to be notified when a customer submits a Survey response.


Starting in version 2.37 of Simple Survey, the Survey Builder allows you to determine which user should be set as the owner of new incoming survey records once a customer submits a response. The ownership options currently include the Record Owner (of the record from which the survey is being sent, such as a Case), the Record Owner's Manager, or a single static User.

Once you've configured the appropriate survey owner within the Survey Builder, you can use workflow to notify this user when a survey response is received in Salesforce.

Provided below is an example workflow (along with instructions) which was built to notify the survey owner if a survey was submitted with a score of less than or equal to 6.

Notify Survey Owner when a Survey is created with a Score less than or equal to 6.

Step 1: Create the Email Template to be used for your Email Notification.
  1. Navigate to Setup > Communication Templates > Email Template.
  2. Select the Simple Survey folder and click New Template.
  3. Select Text as the template type, and click Next. (You can use other template types as you desire.)
  4. Specify a Name for the new template, mark it Available for Use and provide a subject.
  5. Populate the email body with the message you would like the Survey Owner to receive. You may also wish to include various survey merge fields such as the associated Contact, the survey score, additional comments, and a direct link to the survey record.

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Step 2: Create the Workflow Rule and Email Notification
  1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Workflow & Approvals > Workflow Rules.
  2. Click New Rule and select the Survey object.
  3. Specify a Name for your new rule and select the "Created" option under Evaluation Criteria.
  4. Within the Rule Criteria, select Survey Score as the field, Less or Equal as the Operator and 6 as the Value. Click Save & Next.
  5. Under Time-Dependent Workflow Actions, select Add Time Trigger, specify 1 hour after the Rule Trigger Date and click Save. (We are utilizing a 1 hour delay for allow for landing page questions to be submitted.)
  6. Select Add Workflow Acton above the Add Time Trigger button, and select New Email Alert.
  7. Specify a Description and Unique Name for your Email Alert, and select the Email Template created in Step 1.
  8. Under Recipient Type, select Owner and add the Survey Owner into the Selected Recipients column.
  9. Select the From Email Address from which you want the email notification to be sent from, and click Save.
  10. Click Done on the top right of the page, and Activate to make your new email alert active.

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Please note, this KB article is provided as-is and customization using Workflow Rules is not supported under the scope of support provided with the Simple Survey application. For further assistance, please contact your Salesforce administrator, Salesforce implementation partner, or your Internet Creations Account Executive to inquire about professional services.


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