Office 365 Mail Routing for Email to Case Premium


You are using Email to Case Premium and need to set up mail routing into Salesforce from your Office 365 account.


By configuring your Office 365 account to forward messages to Salesforce, you can allow your client/customers to send their cases to an address within your email domain. This article will show you how to create a Contact with your Email to Case Premium service address along with a Group for your friendly incoming (support) address. 

To begin you should have already configured an Email Service to use with Email to Case Premium. You can locate this address or create one by going to the Initial Setup page 1 of the Email to Case Premium Setup Wizard. It will be similar to this:

Step 1. Create a Contact for your Email to Case Premium service address.
  • Login to Office 365 with an administrator account.
  • Open the Exchange Admin Center.
  • Navigate to recipients then contacts.
  • Click on the '+' and then "Mail contact".

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  • Fill out Name, Display Name, and Alias with information that will help you identify this contact during setup of the rest of the process. The External email address is where you would put the Email to Case Premium service address.
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Step 2. Create a Group with for your friendly incoming (support) address, and add the Contact created in step 1 to the Group.
  • Login to Office 365 with an administrator account.
  • Open the Exchange Admin center.
  • ​Navigate to recipients then groups.
  • Click on the '+' and then "Distribution Group".

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  • ​Click the "Click Here" link to create a new distribution group.
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  • This will bring a new window up were you can create the distribution group.
  • Fill out Display Name, Alias, and Email Address with names relative to your setup.
  • Once that is filled out, click the '+' under the section titled "Members".
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  • This will bring up a new window with a list of all the email address contact and users in your organization.
  • Locate the Display Name of the previously created contact, click it once to highlight it.
  • Then click the "add" then "OK" buttons and now that mail contact is added as a member to the group. 
  • ​Back on the group creation page, click "Save" at the bottom of the screen and you are all set.
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Adding Filters (Optional)

In certain instances, you may consider applying filters to your mail routing configuration to control which emails will be handed off to the Email to Case Premium email service. For example, some Email to Case Premium customers may want only inbound emails which are tied to existing cases to be processed, while preventing routing for new emails which are not associated with an existing case record. (This can be done by looking specifically for the presence of the Case Thread Id which starts with "[ ref:" in the Subject or Body of the email message).

To apply filters, please review the steps outlined below.
  • Login to Office 365 with an administrator account.
  • Open the Exchange Admin center.
  • Navigate to mail flow the rules.
  • Click the '+' and then "Create a new rule".

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  • Enter in all the criteria that you want the rule to look for and what you want it to do with what it finds.
  • Click "Save" when completed.
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Mail server configuration may be specific to your business requirements. We recommend you consult with your IT provider or IT department when making any changes to your server configuration. Please note, this KB article is provided as-is and management of your internal email environment is not supported by Internet Creations.


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