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Ownership Assignment of Survey Records for Simple Survey


You are using Simple Survey and notice one of the following scenarios: 1. Survey records are owned by the Simple Survey Site Guest User, or 2. The My Surveys list view returns none or very few survey records.


Out of the box, all survey records created from a customer's response to a survey email will be created and owned by the Simple Survey Site Guest User.

Because of this, surveys records in general will not be available in the My Surveys list view, as this is checking to see if the Owner of the survey record matches the running user. Additionally, these surveys may fall out of a user's purview in general depending on your organization's sharing model.

Starting in version 2.37 of Simple Survey, the Survey Builder provides an option on Step 2 (Configure Survey Object) to set a predefined survey owner when building out a new survey template. The options for ownership assignment include the Record Owner (of the record from which the survey is being sent), the Record Owner's Manager, or a static User. More information on this setting and where it can be set up can be found in our documentation.


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