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Preparing for an Instance Refresh or Migration to a new Salesforce Org


You are a customer of Internet Creations' AppExchange Apps and are preparing to go through an Instance Refresh (automatic maintenance controlled by Salesforce) or are switching to a completely new Salesforce Org as a result of a merger, acquisition, or other business reason.


Instance Refresh

For existing customers going through an Instance Refresh (previously known as a Instance Split), there is no action in general to ensure the seamless operation of Internet Creations' AppExchange Apps after your Salesforce Org is moved from an existing instance (NAxx, EUxx, APxx, etc.) to a new instance. There are a few exceptions that we've enumerated in this article.

Email to Case Premium
Per Salesforce, Email to Anything (Case, Apex, Salesforce, etc.) emails are normally queued and processed once maintenance is complete, but Salesforce's messaging servers have a hard limit of holding inbound emails for 24 hours. This can become an issue if the maintenance exceeds 24 hours. Any inbound emails queued for more than 24 hours will be bounced. For this reason, it is recommended that an alternate means be established to capture inbound emails during the the maintenance.

If you have version 3.74 or lower, you must upgrade, as the case thread ID format on new instances is different for newer instances.

Email Service routing address(es) associated with your previous instance will continue to function on your new instance, even with the address containing the instance number of your previous Salesforce instance.

Note: The only exception that would affect the pre-existing routing addresses are Salesforce Service Disruptions on the previous instance. To prevent issues on your previous Salesforce instance from interfering with operations on your new instance, we recommend that you generate new Email Service address(es) shortly after the Instance Refresh. After generating the new address(es), you will need to contact your IT department to adjust you email forwarding, pointing inbound emails to the new routing address.

If you have created a custom case thread ID field outside of the Email to Case Premium package, it is recommended that you update your email templates to use the packaged field (API Name: E2CP_Case_Thread_Id__c).

If you have created New Comment Actions, ensure they use relative (not absolute) paths. For details, please see the following Salesforce Knowledge Article.

All Apps
If you have created custom buttons (beyond those included in the package), ensure they use relative (not absolute) paths. For details, please see the following Salesforce Knowledge Article.

Moving to a new Salesforce Org
For customers migrating to a new Salesforce Org (with a new Org ID), each of Internet Creations AppExchange Apps that were being used in the old Salesforce Org will need to be reinstalled fresh in your new Salesforce Org.

Each time an application is initially installed into a Salesforce Org, the Org will be provided with a 21 day Trial and 200 licenses to work with. For assistance with adjusting the licensing information in your new Org (such as User Count & Expiration Date) to match that of your original purchase, please reach out to your Internet Creations Account Executive or open a case with us by sending an email to

If you require further assistance preparing for an Instance Refresh or Org Migration, please contact your Salesforce administrator, Salesforce implementation partner, or your Internet Creations Account Executive to inquire about professional services.


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