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Preventing Email Loops


How can I prevent email loops with Email to Case Premium? For example, when a customer is using an auto-reply or out of office responder that does not include the original subject with the unique case thread ID, an endless email loop can be created.


Email to Case Premium includes Email Loop Prevention by default. When Email to Case Premium creates a new case, it checks to see if a case with a similar subject and sender (using the Web Email/SuppliedEmail field) was created within the last X minutes. If yes, [Email Loop Protection] is pre-pended to the subject of the case. You can configure X (minutes) on the Inbound Configuration. By default, 5 minutes is used. A value of 0 will disable this functionality.

If you are using Workflow/Email Alerts to acknowledge new cases from customers, you can add a criteria to your workflow rule that prevents it from running if the case subject contains [Email Loop Protection]:
AND(CONTAINS([Case].SuppliedEmail,'@'),NOT(CONTAINS([Case].Subject,'[Email Loop Protection]')))
Be sure to create a separate Workflow for Email Alerts and Field Updates so you don't prevent other workflow actions if that string is detected.

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Similarly, if you are using Auto-Response rules, you can add an exclusion when the case subject contains [Email Loop Protection].

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