Rapid Products Release Notes 3.22 - 3.39

What's New

  • Columns can be summed in real-time making it easy to see total quantity, price, or any other number or currency fields. To enable column sums, visit rapid products settings. (3.30)
  • Adding the same product multiple times? A +5 button has been added to save time.  (3.34)


  • To prevent accidental deletion of lines, an OK/Cancel confirmation dialog is presented before removing a product / line item. (3.27)
  • A warning message is displayed if you have an old version of Rapid Products Quotes installed. (3.36)
  • Users pass through the standard Salesforce sorting page automatically, thereby eliminating yet another click. (3.36)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a sorting issue when reordering via drag & drop. (3.22)
  • Rapid Products (for Opportunities) now opens in the current tab instead of a new tab. (3.25)
  • The single quote character (') in Quote record names will no longer interfere with adding lines items. Previously, item insertion would silently fail when selecting products from the type-ahead list. (3.33)
  • +5 action no longer results in a duplicate ids error when pressed on the last line. (3.35)
  • Products now appear in the correct order when adding new products but not sorting. (3.36)
  • Product Name no longer overlaps the +5 button in some browsers on a small screen. (3.37)
  • "Map key Quantity not found in map" error affecting new installs only is resolved. (3.38)
  • A No such column 'rapidproductsq__ShowTotal__c' on entity 'rapidproductsq__QuoteSettings__c' error no longer occurs on the settings page with the optional RP for Quotes 3.30 package or lower installed. (3.39)

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