Rapid Products Release Notes 3.40 - 3.51

What's New

  • Users may now configure the "+5" button to clone any number of products on the Rapid Products page. The new setting can be found within the setup wizard, and also allows you to disable the cloning feature entirely. (3.41)
  • Add Products from the Rapid Products page even faster using the enhanced type-ahead search. From within the setup wizard, configure two additional fields, such as Product Code or UPC, to be displayed and/or searched. Review the Rapid Products documentation for more details.(3.44)


  • Line item and column totals will now respect the current User's locale instead of relying on a hard coded decimal and thousands separator. (3.43)
  • Hyphenation is now ignored in the product search field. (3.48)
  • Negative currency field totals are now displayed in parenthesis instead of being prefixed with a dash. (3.51)

Bugs Fixed

  • After selecting and adding a Product within the Rapid Products page, the focus is then moved to either the Quantity field, or the first field existing in the field set. (3.40)
  • Line Description: data value too large error will no longer occur for added Products where the Product Line Description is greater than 255 characters and when the Line Description column is not configured to be displayed in Rapid Products. (3.42)
  • Line items added outside of Rapid Products (i.e. added manually using standard Salesforce functionality) will no longer cause additional lines added via the clone button to contain a blank Product Name. (3.43)
  • Line item totals will now display blank instead of being populated with NaN when Quantity or Sales are empty. (3.44)
  • Corrected a bug where Rapid Products would fail to delete a Product using the delete button in the action column when configured to display fields marked as required. (3.44)
  • Line items will no longer be lost when a save fails due to to a failed validation rule. (3.44)

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