Rapid Products Release Notes 3.54 - 3.56

What's New

  • Rapid Products now supports using custom field sets via a new fieldset URL parameter. [Change 106199] (3.55)
  • Field settings are now configured on a per field set basis. [Change 106199] (3.55)


Bugs Fixed

  • Field set requirements are now respected [Change 110048] (3.56)
  • Adding products will no longer abort due to a required field or cause validation to run prior to saving [Change 110048] (3.56)
  • Rapid Products will now load as expected after clicking on the Rapid Products button in the Products hover list on an Opportunity (3.54)
  • Type-ahead product search will display results again for short search terms entered in organizations containing many products in certain use cases [Change 109319] (3.54)

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