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Rapid Products Release Notes 3.57 - 3.64

What's New


  • The Select Price Book Screen is no longer displayed if only using one Price Book. [Change 111559] (3.57)
  • Default field values are now respected where applicable. [Change 112468] (3.61)

Bugs Fixed

  • Sorting is now preserved for lines created with the duplicate line action after a save [Change 112385] (3.59)
  • Field totals will now work for organizations where the currency symbol is followed by a space [Change 112485] (3.61)
  • Exact match on additional fields are now displayed at the top of the search results [Change 112591] (3.62)
  • The correct currency code is now displayed on totals when a currency other than the org default is selected on an Opportunity in multi-currency enabled organizations [Change 113199] (3.63)
  • An Attempt to de-reference a Null Object error will no longer occur when the packaged Product Name field is not visible. Originally occurred in change 111559. [Change 113620] (3.63)

Known Issues


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