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Rapid Products Release Notes 3.69 - 3.76

What's New


Bugs Fixed

  • Deleting lines will no longer result in a List index out of bounds error in certain scenarios. [Change 00116681] (3.69)
  • Adding lines will no longer cause a dependent picklist to display null or __. This was caused by known issue W-2615397 [Change 00117450] (3.69)
  • Validation error messages containing the characters ", &, ', <, or > will no longer be displayed as &quot;, &amp;, &apos;, &lt;, or &gt; respectively [Change 00118190] (3.71-3.76).
  • Adding a numeric field at the first position in the field set will no longer affect the rounding precision of Total Price [Change 00120406] (3.71)
  • Changing the Field set in the setup page now properly refreshes the field list [00122014] (3.71)
  • Order of fields on setup page are now consistent with field set order [00122015] (3.71)

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