Rapid Products Release Notes 3.77 - 3.87

What's New

  • Column headers can now be clicked to sort line items for easy comparison. [Change 131829] (3.79)


  • The number of results to be displayed in the product type ahead can now be specified on the Settings page. [Change 00129352] (3.77)
  • The last row on the Rapid Products page is now highlighted in grey to distinguish it as a new line item. [Change 00129353] (3.77)
  • The Save and Close buttons on the Rapid Products page are now displayed on both the top and the bottom of the product entry section. [Change 00129354] (3.77)
  • Long column labels will now wrap to the next line as needed. [Change 131829] (3.79)
  • Help text can now be enabled to display in the table headers. [Change 134415] (3.83)

Bugs Fixed

  • Using the Duplicate Line button on unsaved line items that are missing required fields will no longer result in a SObject row does not allow errors message. This was caused by a Salesforce platform known issue: [Change 118403] (3.77)
  • Clicking Cancel after a Quick Save will no longer unexpectedly refresh the page when viewed in the classic UI. [Change 118403] (3.77)
  • Currency symbol will now display in totals for Opportunities using currencies which do not have decimals. [Change 130018] (3.77)
  • Field set will be preserved when changing the pricebook [Change 136003] (3.84-3.86)
  • Modifying lines and adding/deleting a line will no longer revert changes [Change 137403] (3.87)

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