Rapid Products Release Notes 3.88 - 3.95

What's New

  • Lightning Experience is now fully supported. [Change 140174] (3.89 - 3.90)


  • After a product is added in Rapid Products the first field will now auto-focus for long text and pick-list fields. [Change 00137824] (3.88)
  • The Rapid Products button behavior has been updated from executing OnClick Javascript to redirecting to a URL and will now work seamlessly in the Lightning Experience.¬†[Change 140174] (3.89 - 3.90)

Bugs Fixed

  • While using Rapid Products, column totals will no longer incorrectly sum to zero on Opportunity Product fields which are read only and contain special characters in the label. [Change 00141787] (3.93)
  • Resolved an issue where having a large number of fields on Opportunity Product would result in a "Query is either selecting too many fields or the filter conditions are too complicated."¬†error when attempting to open the Rapid Products page. [Change 00146142] (3.94)
  • Cloning products in Rapid Products will no longer cause a required field error for Opportunity. [Change 00146409] (3.95)

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