Rapid Products Release Notes 3.97 - 3.97.1

What's New

  • A new setting has been added to the General Settings section allowing for negative numbers to display with a negative sign. [Change 00152519] (3.97)
    • By default, if a user enters a value such as -$100.00, Rapid Products will display the value as ($100.00) the next time the page is loaded. With this setting enabled, -$100.00 will remain as -$100.00.


  • The change price book functionality now opens in a modal dialog instead of passing through the classic price book selection screen. [Change 153673] (3.97)
  • When focused in an input field, users can navigate up/down to the same field on other line items by using arrows on keyboard. [Change 00153055] (3.97)
  • When on the Rapid Products page, clicking Ctrl-Save on the keyboard will perform the Quick Save action. [Change 00156062] (3.97)

Bugs Fixed

  • Product search results will no longer get stuck in some cases while editing Opportunities with a large amount products. [Change 152484] (3.97)

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