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Rapid Products Release Notes 3.98 - 4.34

What's New

  • The Rapid Products setup wizard and associated pages have been updated match the Lightning Experience user interface. [Change 00153989] (3.98 - 4.25)


  • When saving records on the Rapid Products page using the Quick Save button, all rows will be refreshed to display updated formula field values. [Change 00165685] (4.32)

Bugs Fixed

  • Totals will now re-calculate after saving on the Rapid Products page instead of showing the an incorrect amount in some cases. [Change 00157393] (4.21)
  • Fields displayed on the Rapid Products page will no longer improperly resize if a display width is not set. [Change 00154506] (4.22)
  • Resolved issue where unneeded tabs were opening with the Lightning Console after saving the Rapid Products page. [Change 00154506] (4.22)
  • Fixed issue with Lightning Console where the Rapid Products sub-tab would remain open after attempting to leave the page. [Change 00160729] (4.32)
  • While using Rapid Products, fields with default values will continue to default as expected as multiple lines are added.[Change 00159109] (4.23)
  • Resolved issue where sharing for Price Books was not enforced. [Change 00164823] (4.32-4.33).
    • Issue introduced after the Lighting Experience updates in version 4.25, allowing users to select Price Books they didn't explicitly have access to.
    • Replaced custom lookup on Rapid Products page with standard Salesforce lookup to resolve.
  • Totals will now re-calculate after saving on the Rapid Products page. [Change 157393] (4.34)
  • Resolved issue preventing totals from calculating in Rapid Products for Quotes. [Change 168932] (4.34)

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