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Rapid Products Release Notes 4.35 - 4.68

What's New

  • A new Read-Only option has been added for the field set settings. Enabling this will keep the field visible on the Rapid Products page, but the field will be read-only regardless of the current user's field-level security. [Change 00190294] (4.61)


  • Rapid Products has been updated for better compatibility with Product Scheduling. [Change 00168732] (4.35)
  • Updated field ordering on setup screens to match the field order in respective Opportunity & Quote field sets. [Change 00179520] (4.50)

Bugs Fixed

  • The absence of Quantity on the Rapid Products page will no longer result in an error when attempting to save. [00172111] (4.35)
  • Product Names with a large amount of characters will no longer extend into neighboring cells. [00172112] (4.35)
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from accessing the Setup Wizard in organizations where the Quotes Extension was installed. [Change 00174220] (4.38-4.43)
  • Resolved an issue where hitting the 's' key would occasionally trigger quick save instead of entering the letter as typed. Now only 'Ctrl + s' will trigger quick save. [Change 00174404] (4.41)
  • Resolved an issue where attempting to 'Save & Close' in Lightning, but the User's preferred experience was classic resulted in a blank screen [Change 00174725] (4.44)
  • Using the Duplicate Item action on newly added lines will now duplicate the product name as expected. [Change 00175128] (4.44 - 4.45)
  • Resolved issue where checkbox fields were missing on the Rapid Products page after the Salesforce Winter 20 release. [Change 00177909] (4.46)
  • Resolved issue with the Quotes tab in setup where the same field was displayed in multiple instances. [Change 00180593] (4.51)
  • Column totals will now work as expected instead of displaying zeros for formula fields on the Rapid Products page [Change 00187316] (4.53)
  • While using Rapid Products, the horizontal scrollbar will no longer be obscured behind the footer when a screen full of products are added when the columns overflow the width of the screen. [Change 00189494] (4.54)
  • System fields will no longer display an unexpected required error. [Change 00189494] (4.54)
  • A bug preventing the "Max Number of Product Search Results" setting from being respected in the Rapid Products product search field has been resolved. [Change 00190214] (4.55)
  • The "Display help text" general setting will work again while using Rapid Products. [Change 00190224] (4.55)
  • Resolved issue where excluding the Discount field from the Rapid Products fieldset would result in an error. [Change 00190948] (4.62)
  • Resolved issue where Flows referencing Product field on Quote Line Item could not obtain the field value. [Change 00193325] (4.66)
  • Updated the Rapid Products page to resolve an issue with line items not saving in some customer orgs. [Change 00193676] (4.67).
  • Updated Rapid Products to allow the Delete and Cancel buttons to work in Chrome 92+ per salesforce known issue [Change 00193878] (4.68)

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