Record Type landing page error when trying to respond to a Survey.


Issue: When a client clicks on a survey, the following error is displayed on the landing page:

Record Type ID: this ID value isn't valid for the user

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1) Make sure the URL is the correct one for the running Org. 

There is a chance that the Site for Simple Survey in the Setup Wizard might be configured with the wrong link (Production vs Sandbox).
  • The Default Web Address in the Setup Wizard does not match the link. They need to be matching. We often see in a Sandbox, where the Setup Wizard points to Production.

2) Make sure the Record Type ID in the Email Template is the correct one for that survey.

Identify the Record Type ID of the survey in question by navigating to the Simple Survey Object in your Salesforce Org. The Record Type name will be the name of the survey you created in the Survey Builder.


Once you open the Record Type, look at the URL to get the ID:


You can also refer to this Salesforce article for instructions on how to identify it:

Locate the Email Template for the same survey under the Simple Survey folder in Classic Email Templates.

Open the template and click on Edit HTML Version:


Edit the survey email template with the correct Record Type ID in each link it appears:

Save and test sending out a new survey to see if the error persists.

If you're still getting the error, please open a Case with Internet Creations Support. We will need login access and steps to reproduce to further diagnose what is going on.



Open a Case

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