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Referencing Custom Field Sets for Case Split via a Custom Button


Case Split supports using custom field sets via a new field set URL parameter. To utilize this new feature, a user must create a new field set on the Case object and create a new button to reference the field set.


Step 1

Create a field set on the Case object.
Navigate to Setup--> Customize--> Cases--> Field Sets. To create a new field set, simply click New, specify a name for the field set, and drag your desired fields into the field set. Once completed, click Save.

User-added image

Step 2

After step 1 is completed, you now need to create a new button that references your new field set for Case Split.

Create a new button on the Case object object. The properties and URL of the button should be similar to the image below.

The field set parameter will need to be adjusted to the API of your custom field set. In this example, our field set is named "CS_Fields".

User-added image

Step 3

Add the new Split button to your page layouts.

Navigate to Setup--> Customize--> Cases--> Page Layouts--> and Select Edit next to the Page Layout you wish to add your new button to. Locate your button using the menu on the top of the edit screen, and drag/drop it onto your page layout. Finally click Ok, and Save.


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