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Removal and Replacement of the Duplicate Detector Aura component


Starting in version 5.0 of Case Merge Premium, we will no longer support the Duplicate Detector Aura components. Please read the following for instructions to transition to the new Lightning Web Components for duplicate detection.


When Salesforce first released lightning Experience in 2015, Salesforce prompted developers to create Lightning Components using the Aura framework. We updated Case Merge Premium to include an Aura-based component for duplicate case detection and reviewing recently viewed cases. Subsequently, Salesforce superseded the Aura framework with the release of Lightning Web Components in 2019. Lightning Web Components have shown many advantages, including faster performance and additional features for the platform.

Starting in version 5.0, Case Merge Premium will no longer support the original Aura-based component. Instead, we ask that all clients transition to the new Lightning Web Components packaged with Case Merge Premium.

Follow the steps outlined below to complete the transition on your Case Page Layout(s).

  1. Navigate to Setup | Object Manager | Cases | Page Layouts.
  2. Click Edit Layout next to the page layout that includes the original Aura component.
  3. Locate the Case Merge Premium Aura component on your page layout, and click the trash can icon to remove it.
  4. On the left side of your screen, under Custom - Managed components, locate the "Duplicate Detector" and "Merge with Recent Cases" components. These are the new Lightning Web Components.
  5. Drag and Drop both of these components into the desired location on your page layout. See the image below as an example.

Repeat these steps for all Case Page Layouts currently utilizing the Aura-based component.

Original Aura Component

New Lightning Web Components

Some key advantages of the new Lightning Web Components include:

  • Displays key information, including Case, Subject, and Created Date of detected duplicates.
  • Automatically collapses to minimize space when no duplicates are detected.
  • Dynamically resizes to page layout, as well as mobile-friendly.
  • Allows for the dismissal of potential duplicate cases that are not duplicates.
  • Displays history of both merged and dismissed cases.
  • If enabled, it allows you to unmerge cases previously merged by Case Merge Premium.

Note: We split the Merge with Recent Cases component from the Duplicate Detector component for layout flexibility. While not required, we recommend adding this component to your page layout, perhaps under or adjacent to the Duplicate Detector.

For more information on the advantages of Lightning Web Component compared to Aura components, please refer to the following articles below.


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