Scope of AppExchange App Support (Supported vs. Unsupported Issues)


Vicasso, formerly Internet Creations, helps organizations around the globe to deliver great service and we are committed to delivering great service to our customers. The purpose of this article is to help distinguish issues that are directly related to our apps and those that are not. Due to the nature of AppExchange apps and the way in which they integrate into an organization, it's sometimes unclear what is directly related to a given app and what is not. Our support staff can only provide support for issues directly related to our apps.


Vicasso's AppExchange Apps are intended to be implemented and administered by seasoned Salesforce Administrators and Developers who have a comprehensive understanding of the Salesforce Platform.

For assistance with out-of-scope issues, please contact your Salesforce administrator, Salesforce implementation partner, or your Vicasso Account Executive.

Examples of Supported Issues:
  • Questions or errors related to the initial app setup and configuration.
  • Questions about app features.
  • Permissions for components in an app's managed package and requisite Salesforce permissions.
  • Errors resulting directly from an app's components that don't involve local customization.
  • Annual implementation and best practices review (premium support customers only).
In general, an issue is supported if:
  1. It can be reproduced and specific steps to reproduce can be provided, and;
  2. It can be reproduced in a fresh developer organization with only the supported package installed and no other customizations, and;
  3. It can't be reproduced in any environment without the supported package installed.
Vicasso may not be able to assist with issues that cannot be reproduced.
Examples of Unsupported Issues:
  • Setup of Salesforce fields, assignment rules, auto-response rules, escalation rules, and other customizations that are not included in the app.
  • Validation rules that interfere with an application. We will identify, but cannot alter the problematic validation rule. If disabling the validation rule in question solves the issue, the case will be considered resolved.
  • Assistance with reports and dashboards included with an app that have been modified, and those not included.
  • Assistance with triggers, workflow, processes, and any other automation outside of a supported application's managed package. If disabling the automation in question solves the issue, the case will be considered resolved. For Simple Survey, Vicasso can support only the unmodified sample workflow rules provided.
  • External integrations or systems, including issues with email forwarding and security.
  • Exceeding governor limits in the local namespace or namespaces of other vendors' managed packages.
  • Use of an app in a manner not in accordance with its documentation.
For assistance with issues outside the scope of support, please contact your Salesforce administrator, Salesforce implementation partner, or your Vicasso Account Executive to inquire about professional services.


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