Send a Follow-Up Survey on Cases when a response has not been received


You are using Simple Survey and would like to create local automation that sends a follow-up survey off of Cases when an initial survey response wasn't received.


Please follow the steps below for configuring a follow-up survey.  

Note: Ensure your existing workflow rule used for surveying is performing a field update on the packaged Survey Sent field, setting it to NOW(). 

1. Create a "Survey Received" checkbox field on Case.
  • To do this, Navigate to Setup > Customize > Cases > Fields.
  • Click "New" under Custom Fields and Relationships.
  • Select Check box as the field type and name the field "Survey Received".
  • Complete the remaining steps regarding Field Level Security and Page Layouts. 
  • Click Save. 
2. Use Process Builder to set the Survey Received field when a survey is received on the Case.
  • Navigate to Setup > Create > Workflow & Approvals > Process Builder.
  • Click New on the Top Right Corner, and assign the new process a name such as "Populate Survey Received field" and click Save.
  • Click Add Object, and select Survey as the Object.
  • Under Start the Process, select the bubble for only when a record is created, and click Save
  • Click on Add Criteria, and assign it a name.
  • In the section Criteria for Executing Actions, select Filter Conditions are met. 
  • Under Set Filter Conditions, select [simplesurvey__Case__c] as the field, Is null as the Operator, and False as the Value. 
  • Click on Add Action > select Update Records for the Action Type > and assign the action a name.
  • Select the option "Select a Record Related..." and select [simplesurvey__Survey__c].Case as the record.
  • Under Set Object Variables, select Survey Received as the field, and True as the Value.
  • Activate the new process by clicking Activate on the Top Right of the Screen.
3. Create a workflow rule to send your follow-up survey.
  • Navigate to Setup > Create > Workflow & Approvals > Workflow Rules
  • Click New Rule, and select Case as the Object. 
  • Specify a rule name such as "Send Follow-Up Survey", and select created, and anytime it's edit to subsequently meet criteria for the Evaluation Criteria.
  • On the first line of the Rule Criteria, select Survey Received as the Field, Equals as the Operator, and False as the Value
  • On the second line of the Rule Criteria, Select Survey Sent as the Field, Not Equal To as the Operator, and False as the Value, and click Save & Next.
  • Click Add Time Trigger, and select X days after Rule Trigger Date.
  • Under the Time Trigger, Select Add Workflow Action, New Email Alert.
  • Provide the Email Alert with a Description, Name, and select one of your survey templates.
  • Select the intended recipient type, and add them to the Select Recipients.
  • Select the From email address, click save, and click Activate to activate the Workflow Rule.

Please note: This KB article is provided as-is and customization using Workflow Rules and Process Builder are not supported.
For further assistance, please contact your Salesforce administrator, Salesforce implementation partner, or your Internet Creations Account Executive to inquire about professional services.


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