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Setting Business Hours on Cases through Escalation Rules


You are using Case Flags and would like to use a variety of Business Hours for cases.


You can accomplish this by setting up escalation rules to set non-default Business Hours for cases.

Follow the steps below to configure escalation rules with Case Flags. 

1. Navigate to Setup > Customize > Cases> Escalation Rules and create a new (active) rule. Note that you can only have 1 active rule at a time.
Note: If you already have an active escalation rule, simply create a new rule entry.

2. Click New under Rule Entries and select the Sort Order for the new entry.
3. Next, select the criteria for your new rule entry.
  • For example, if you want the escalation rule to apply where Record Type = "Project", you would select "Case: Case Record Type" as the Field, Equals as the Operator, and select "Project" as the Value.
4. After your rule criteria is configured, you can then specify the Business Hours to be set on the case when the criteria is met.
  • Select the "Set Business Hours" bubble, and use the look-up icon to choose the Business Hours to use.
5. Next, chose when this escalation rule entry should run and click Save.

6. Finally, Navigate to the Case Flags Setup Wizard and ensure that the setting for "Use Jobs to Set Case Hours" is enabled under the Optional Setup section. 

This KB article is provided as-is and the configuration of Escalation Rules is not supported within the scope of support provided with the application. For further assistance, please contact your Salesforce administrator, Salesforce implementation partner, or your Internet Creations Account Executive to inquire about professional services. 


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