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Setting the Context User and Minimum Permissions


Receiving emails into Salesforce via an Apex Email Service requires a Context User, who must have a Salesforce and Email to Case Premium license. This article describes how to set the Context User and how to set the minimum permissions necessary for your Context User's Profile to use Email to Case Premium functionality.


For the Context User, we recommend using a dedicated API user account if you have one. The Context User will appear as the created by user for new email, case and comment records created by Email to Case Premium. In most instances, you will want to use the same User Account specified as the Automated Case User in Support Settings.
We recommend using a Context User that has the standard System Administrator Profile, but if you prefer to use a custom profile with restricted permissions, this can be achieved by following these steps.
Setting the Context User
1. Navigate to Develop > Email Services and click on the Email Service Name you'd like to edit the Context User of (presumably the one using Apex Class ProcessMessage).

2. Click Edit next to the email address you're using.
Click Edit Next to Email Address

3. From this screen, you can select a new Context User and Save.
Select a new Context User

Context User Permission
Step 1 - Navigate to Develop > Email Services > and click on ProcessMessage of the Email Service you're using with Email to Case Premium.

Step 2 - Click Security.

Step 3 - Add the profile of the Context User

Step 4 - The below checked boxes denote the required permissions of the profile needed by the Context User for proper functionality. These should include Read, Create, Edit and View All on the Case object and for the Contact object, Read, Create and View All and Modify All.
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