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Signature Slayer Release Notes 1.20 - 1.23

What's New

  • New Slay in Future setup option added which will prevent Case Feed posts from being created for slain attachments when Feed Tracking is enabled [Change 00118017] (1.20)
  • Implement URL parameters for the Hit List Manager to restrict by date range or file size. [Change 00122808] (1.21-1.22)


  • Dependencies on Email to Case and Chatter have been removed. [Change 00116229] (1.20)

Bugs Fixed

  • File sizes under 1KB will no longer display using scientific notation on the Hit List. [Change 00115885] (1.20)
  • Issues with date range being off by a day in the Hit List Manager have been resolved. [Change 00125113] (1.23)

Known Issues


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