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Signature Slayer Release Notes 1.34 - 1.37

What's New

  • The Signature Slayer setup wizard and associated pages have been updated match the Lightning Experience user interface. [Change 00152992] (1.35)
  • Each time an image is slayed from the Hitlist Manager, Signature Slayer can now search through your entire Org for any historic instances of that image and remove those as well. To turn on this functionality, please enable the "Enable Retroactive Removal" setting on the Signature Slayer Setup Wizard. [Change 00156072] (1.36)


Bugs Fixed

  • Resolved the following error which could occur when using the 'Remove Images Asynchronously' option. [Change 00156079] (1.34)
    • Future method cannot be called from a future or batch method: icatp.Util.slayAttachmentsInFuture(Set<Id>)
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally result in the following error when attempting to delete files from an email. [Change 00159665] (1.36)
    • Collection store exception adding all List<SObject> to List<Attachment>

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