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Signature Slayer Release Notes 1.38 - 1.43

What's New

  • A new 'Images Slayed by User' report has been added to the app which allows you to review usage metrics for end users of Signature Slayer. [Change 00161193] (1.42)


Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed issue where the Open Hitlist button would not work in Lightning. [Change 00161775] (1.38-1.39)
  • Fixed issue where the Retro-active Removal feature would only work on Files, but not Attachments. [Change 00163673] (1.40)
  • Resolved an issue where Slayed statistic fields on Case were not being updated when slaying Files. [Change 00161951] (1.41)
  • Files related to emails will now be included when viewing the Record Specific Hit List for a Case record. [Change 00167762] (1.41)

Known Issues


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