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Signature Slayer Release Notes 1.44 - 1.74

What's New

  • Date Range and File Size defaults can now be configured from the Setup page. In previous versions, users would be limited to changing the defaults on a per-search basis. [Change 00169967] (1.44)
  • A new Lightning Component has been added, allowing users to easily view, slay and restore attached images. [Change 00172117] (1.47)
  • Users with a license to Email to Case Premium can now Slay images directly from the Timeline Lightning component [Change 00182914] (1.60)
  • A new app for Signature Slayer has been created for Lightning. It contains the new Signature Slayer Setup tab for Lightning that has a new setup experience for Signature Slayer. [Change 00182923] (1.61)
  • A new setting has been added to allow for the automatic deletion of duplicate files on individual records. [Change 00186681] (1.70)
    • When enabled, Signature Slayer will run a check on each file that is inserted to see if it already exists as part of the same parent record, and will delete the file if it's a duplicate. 


  • When "Enable Security Bypass for Record Owners" is enabled, users will be able to slay images on records they either own or can edit. [Change 00172328] (1.45)
  • When "Retroactive Removal" is enabled, attachments and files that are deleted from records that are cases via batch will count towards that Case's Slayed File Count, Slayed File Names, and Slayed File Size Total fields. [Change 00172117] (1.47)
  • With Enhanced Emails enabled, the Hit List Page and Signature Slayer Lightning Component can now slay files for Emails associated with records that aren't cases. [Change 00182957] (1.55)
  • "Show All Files & Attachments" now appears on the Org-Wide (Global) Hit List [Change 00182860] (1.58)
  • Contact.Name, Account.Name, and Case.Subject can now be encrypted without interfering with the use, install or upgrade of Signature Slayer. [Change 00193174] (1.72)

Bugs Fixed

  • Users will no longer experience an "Attempt to de-reference a null object" when slaying images from a list contains one of more images over 100 KB. [Change 00172245] (1.44)
  • Maximum number of future method executions will no longer be exceeded on incoming emails. [Change 00175117] (1.46)
  • Fixed issue where negative time remaining would appear for files users could restore [Change 00182170] (1.55)
  • Fixed compatibility issues with files uploaded from Connected Sources [Change 00184882] (1.62)
  • Fixed issue where the record-specific Hitlist Manager was applying the default date range filter. [00188106] (1.66)
  • Fixed issue where file extensions were duplicated inside of the included Lightning Component. [00190022] (1.67)
  • Fixed issue where the "Open Hit List" button on the "Hit List Manager" would redirect to a broken page [00193871] (1.73)

Known Issues


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